2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Marshall University MBA Program

Students enrolled at Marietta College who will earn an undergraduate degree with a 2.500 or higher grade point average may apply for admission to Marshall University's MBA degree program. Marshall's Graduate Catalog lists all specific admission requirements. Students must submit a transcript, resume, and two letters of recommendation.

Before the last semester of study at Marietta, participating students may apply for conditional admission to Marshall and must meet all admission requirements prior to acceptance and matriculation. Students will need to complete the admission process by submitting the final transcript from Marietta after earning the baccalaureate degree.

Marshall encourages all students participating in this program to complete the Business Foundation Courses listed below while enrolled at Marietta and earn a B or better for each course. Doing so may shorten the time to complete the MBA degree and lower the total cost of the Program. Students who do not complete all Foundation Courses or who earn a grade less than B will enroll in the graduate level versions of the courses upon admission to Marshall.

Business Foundation Courses:

ACCT 201

ACCT 202

CSCI 110

ECON 211

ECON 212

FIN 301

MATH 123

MKTG 201

MNGT 201

Students interested in this program should contact:

Rick Smith

Chair of the Business & Economics Department

Thomas Hall - 122A

(740) 376-4684