2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Handbook

All registered students at Marietta College are responsible for knowing the policies, expectations, procedures, and information contained in this handbook. The Division of Student Life maintains the Student Handbook. This online edition replaces any previous printed or online editions. Failure to read this Student Handbook does not excuse students from the requirements and regulations described herein. The master and official copy of the Student Handbook is maintained within the College Catalog. There are times that items in the handbook are changed or updated during the academic year, and these updates will be indicated in red and will include the date of inclusion in the edited document.

Community Living Principles

Residents in College-owned or operated housing have specific individual and group rights while engaged in activities that are part of College activities. With these rights, residents have reciprocal responsibilities to ensure these same rights for other residents.

The Pioneer Pledge

The Marietta College Pioneer Pledge provides the philosophical foundation upon which the Code of Conduct, as described throughout this handbook, is based.


I will always communicate truthfully with all members of the Marietta College community.


I will always hold myself to the highest ethical principles both personally and academically.


I will take responsibility for all of my decisions, and will challenge others to make decisions that put the community’s best interest at the forefront, while holding them accountable for the decisions that they make.


I will treat each individual on campus with respect and learn to appreciate the differences that make each individual and culture within our community unique.


I will be active within our community to make a positive difference, and to help serve those who are taking an initiative to better the lives of others.