2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Summer Session


No formal application is necessary to enroll in summer session courses at Marietta College. Students in good standing at any college or university, or persons who wish to pursue course work on a part-time basis may enroll. Any high school graduate or high school student meeting the College Credit Plus (CCP) guidelines is eligible to enroll. Attendance at summer term courses does not constitute formal acceptance to Marietta College.


The summer session usually begins in mid to late May and ends in early August and includes both online and on-campus options. The dates vary slightly from year to year and the student should refer to the Summer Session website for details.

Course schedules vary according to instructor preferences and include 6-week, 8-week, and 12-week options. This means that a full 15 weeks of material is covered in these shorter summer sessions. The exact number of hours per week that you can expect to spend on each course will vary based upon the length of the session, the weekly coursework, as well as your study style and preferences. However, you should expect that the total time spent on each course will be equivalent to, or exceed, that which would be dedicated to a single course in a standard academic term.

In addition to courses offered by MC faculty, the College is able to supplement summer offerings through partnership with other members of the Council of Independent Colleges. Courses taken through this consortial partnership are considered in residence and may be aid-eligible.


Fees for summer session courses are $485 per credit hour with the exception of summer academic internships, which are strongly encouraged. For this reason, the College provides internship opportunities at a heavily discounted rate. Summer academic internships are billed at a single fee of $485 for a maximum of 3 credits per internship.

Refunds for withdrawals

Refunds for summer courses are prorated according to the length of the course. Full refunds are given only if the course is dropped before the second day of the course.

Once the course begins, refunds will be prorated according to the schedule published by the Records Office. Specific drop, withdraw and refund dates for each Summer Session are available on the Summer Session Website at http://www.marietta.edu/summer-session.

Drop and refund deadlines for consortial courses are determined by the teaching institution and are communicated directly to the student in the welcome letter.

Course Load

A student may enroll in a maximum of two courses in any single or overlapping sessions during the summer and a maximum of four (3-4 credit) courses for the entire summer semester. Permission for exceptions to these limitations must be obtained from the Registrar and require a minimum 3.000 cumulative grade point average and advisor support.