2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

The Numbering System

Undergraduate courses are numbered as follows:

001-099 Skill-building courses that re-enforce skills needed for college-level academics. These courses do not count towards required graduation credits but are included in the cumulative grade point average.

100-199 Courses that are intended primarily for freshmen, sophomores, and students with little background in the discipline. These courses typically present broad surveys of a topic or discipline.

200-299 These courses require a more focused analysis of a topic within a discipline. These courses may have prerequisites and generally hold students to academic standards greater than 100-level courses.

300-499 The content of these courses are typically advanced and specialized, and require academic skills developed in lower courses, even in cases in which there are no specific course prerequisites.

X94 Experimental course. A course not yet approved for inclusion in the catalog but approved by the Provost for up to two terms based on student interest and faculty expertise.

X95 Directed research. Research under the supervision of a faculty member in the appropriate department.

X96 Independent Study. Directed study of content that is not available through courses currently listed in the Catalog.

X97 Academic Internship. A supervised work and learning experience shaped by reflection and goal-setting under the mentorship of a site supervisor and College instructor.

X98 Tutorship. Supervised tutoring of other students.

The Classification (Distribution) System

Identifying General Education Courses

Students pursuing a Marietta College undergraduate degree must demonstrate a breadth of study in addition to the focused study provided by the major and secondary concentration. The specific graduation requirements are described in the Undergraduate Degrees–Graduation Requirements section of the catalog.

To guide the student toward meeting these requirements, the approved distribution will appear following the course description for each course approved to fulfill a general education requirement. The codes following the distribution are used on advising transcript and on the web schedule to identify courses in each category. These distributions include:

  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
  • Artistic Expression (AE)
  • Civilization & Culture (CC)
  • Social Analysis (SA)
  • Scientific Inquiry with laboratory (SIB)
  • Scientific Inquire without laboratory (SIC)
  • Experiential Education (XED)