2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Undergraduate Programs

Office of Academic Affairs

Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Kathleen Dougherty (kad007@marietta.edu)


Marietta College offers both undergraduate (Bachelors) degrees and graduate (Masters) degrees. The undergraduate majors with the appropriate degree are listed in the menu to the left. The minors and certificates available are also listed. Information on graduate degrees will be found in the Graduate Programs section of this Catalog.


One graduation requirement is the completion of one of the approved majors found in the following sections. Alternatively, a student may design their own major. The rules for student-designed majors are given in the Curricular Options and Enhancements section of the Catalog.

Engineering Degrees

An Engineering Dual-Degree Program is also offered through partnership with select major engineering schools. A student in this program normally attends Marietta College for three years before transferring to one of the cooperating engineering schools for two additional years of engineering study. Upon completion of both program requirements, the student will receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree from Marietta College and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the engineering school. See the Pre-Professional Programs section for more information on this program, including contact information for the program advisor.

Secondary Concentrations

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree from Marietta College are also required to complete a secondary concentration in the form of a second major, minor, or certificate. Select exceptions apply. The requirements for each minor and certificate are provided in the applicable program sections.

The rules for minors and certificates are included in the Curricular Options and Enhancements section of the Catalog. Likewise, rules for students wishing to complete an additional major will be found in that section.