2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook


The Center for Entrepreneurship & Career Development

Website: https://www.marietta.edu/program/entrepreneurship

Program Director: Jacqueline Khorassani (khorassj@marietta.edu)


Marietta College offers a certificate, a minor, and a major in entrepreneurship. The program centers on five learning objectives; three are gained at the certificate level, a fourth is incorporated into the minor, and the major encompasses all of the objectives.

The Entrepreneurship certificate begins to enhance students' ability to:

Recognize and evaluate problems worth solving,

Create valuable solutions to problems, and

Communicate the problems and the solutions effectively.

The minor builds on the objectives of the certificate program (listed above) by equipping students with the tools that they need to:

Provide evidence demonstrating that proposed solutions are feasible.

Finally, the major in Entrepreneurship builds on the minor by fulfilling the following additional objective:

Be prepared to bring the proposed goods and services to life.


Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Arts

Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship Certificate