2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Website: www.marietta.edu/program/gender-studies

Program Director: Dawn Carusi (carusid@marietta.edu)

Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Yerex (crs007@marietta.edu)

The Gender & Sexuality Studies program provides opportunities for the student to investigate and analyze the significance of gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation on the human experience. Gender Studies students will use a variety of perspectives to examine the relationship between an individual’s biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation and society, culture, thought and behavior. In particular, opportunities will be given to

  • apply how concepts of gender influence social and relational behavior
  • recognize how gender and sexuality can influence social and personal decisions
  • identify how social constructs (legal, educational, political, religious systems) attempt to regulate human sexuality
  • examine various men’s, women’s, and orientation’s movements and groups to gain an understanding of what people seek from membership in these groups, and the consequences of in-group, out-group behavior
  • investigate representations of gender, sex, and orientation in texts such as dramatic literature, film, prose, and art
  • explore one’s own gender role, sex role and identity
  • practice empathy toward the various and, often differing, individual perspectives on “womanhood” and “manhood”
  • examine the impact of gender and sexual identity on human relations historically and cross culturally