2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook


Department of History, Philosophy, and Religion

Website: https://www.marietta.edu/program/history

Chair: Kathryn N. McDaniel (mcdaniek@marietta.edu)

Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Yerex (crs007@marietta.edu)

The mission of the Department of History is to provide coursework in history for both majors and non-majors, which will give students access to the virtually limitless realm of human experience. Students’ personal perspectives thus will be broadened and they will be set on the path toward responsible citizenship in a democratic society. The history program will also help students become more effective communicators and will increase their ability to acquire, interpret, and derive meaning from a variety of historical texts. Finally, students will become discerning connoisseurs of different ideas and sources of information.

Those who graduate with a major in history will have moved beyond information and knowledge to an understanding of how historians do their work and what it means to be a historian. In short, they will be prepared to teach the discipline, succeed in graduate programs or work in other capacities as professional historians.

In addition to offering a major and a minor in History, the department offers a minor in Public History to provide students with hands-on experiences that will prepare them to engage with history in the public forum and in a variety of careers. The department also participates in the interdisciplinary major and minor in Asian Studies as well as a minors in Latin American Studies, Gender Studies, and Legal Studies.