2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Political Science

Department of Political Science

Website: www.marietta.edu/political-science-department

Chair: Michael Morgan (mam003@marietta.edu)

Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Yerex (crs007@marietta.edu)

The Political Science program introduces students to political phenomena through courses in the major sub-fields of the discipline, experiential opportunities, and co-curricular activities. A major in Political Science prepares students to pursue careers in government, politics, or private employment related to public affairs, as well as to enter professional or graduate school. The program also seeks to prepare students for informed democratic citizenship.

Students interested in particular fields of study within Political Science should group their courses and activities appropriately in consultation with their faculty advisor. For example, those interested in international studies and careers in diplomacy should take more of their course electives in the international relations sub-field, plan to study abroad and/or attend American University’s Washington Semester program in the diplomacy track, apply for internships with the State Department and similar organizations, participate in the Model United Nations club, etc. Pre-law students can also group their elective courses to prepare for the LSAT, take internships in legal settings, participate in Moot Court, consult with the Pre-Law advisor, Dr. Schaefer, etc. Students interested in pursuing careers in public policy should concentrate their electives in the policy sub-field, attend the Washington Semester program in policy studies, apply for internships at the Urban Institute or Heritage Foundation or similar organizations, etc.