2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Vice-President for Finance & Administrative Services: Jeff Welch

Student Accounts Office: (mcbill@marietta.edu)


Marietta College is an independent not-for-profit 501(c) (3) institution that relies primarily on revenues from tuition, fees, room and board to fund its educational programs. The table below shows current primary tuition, fees, room, and board rates for undergraduate programs. Other non-schedule fees may apply. Tuition and fees for graduate programs and for continuing education programs are shown in the Graduate Programs and Continuing Education sections of this catalog, respectively.


Undergraduate Table of Fees, 2023-2024

Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees

Full-Time Tuition (Undergraduate) $37,752
Traditional Room $7,234 (note 1)
Board $5,310
Student activity fee $822
Health fee $300 (note 2)
Total for year $51,418

Special tuition fees

Per hour in excess of 19 credit hours $1,261 (note 3)
Per hour for less than 12 credit hours $1,261
Private music lessons $250
Auditing per hour $250
Off-campus study fee $1,261
Off-campus study fee - Summer $300
Summer Undergraduate Tuition (per credit) $485
Internship fee $375 (note 3)
WSCC Dual Admit Credit Hour Fee $170


Other Fees

Onboarding fee $420
Transfer student onboarding fee $100  
International student onboarding fee $335 (note 4)
International student insurance $1400
Payment plan enrollment fee $60  
Late payment fee $50
Returned check fee $45
Outgoing wire Varies
Late registration fee $150  
Admission Deposit $200  (note 5)
Residence hall damage deposit $200  (note 6)
Pre-registration deposit (spring only) $150  

Note 1. The Traditional room Rate above applies to average double occupancy in all residence halls, excluding Apartments and Suites. Single room rate is 50% above regular room charge:

Annual rates for residence halls are:







  Any student who is living in a Marietta College residence hall must have a Marietta College meal plan.

Note 2. The Health Fee covers services at Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness, housed in Harrison Hall.

Note 3. The College strongly encourages students to participate in internships. For this reason, the College provides internship tuition at a heavily discounted rate. If a student enrolls in an internship that results in credit hours in excess of 18 or fewer than 12 in any given semester, a single fee of $375 will apply to the internship (for a maximum of 3 credits per internship). Additionally, the overload fee for 1 additional credit will be waived based on enrollment in one or more of the following courses: HONR 295, LEAD 121, LEAD 170, LEAD 271, academic tutorship (SUBJ #98). See "Academic Status - Full-time Students" section of Academic Practices for the criteria for enrolling in greater than 18 credit hours.

Note 4. In addition to the regular orientation fee.

Note 5. First-time students must pay a one-time Admission Deposit. The Deposit can be paid through the college website (http://www.marietta.edu/Admission/accepted.html) or in person or by mail to the Marietta College Admission Office, 215 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750. Payment of the Admission Deposit indicates the student’s intention to enroll at the College for the corresponding semester. The deposit is credited toward tuition and fees applicable to the first semester of enrollment.

Note 6. All students living in college housing pay a damage deposit of $200 when they enter Marietta College for the first time or re-enter following a break in matriculation. Damage deposits are used to cover the cost of repair or replacement of college property resulting from extraordinary damage or destruction as the result of abuse by the student(s).