2023-2024 Catalog and Student Handbook

Business & Economics

McDonough Center for Leadership and Business

Marcus and Mindel Vershok Brachman Department of Business & Economics

Website http://www.marietta.edu/business-economics-department

Chair: Rick Smith (rcs003@marietta.edu

Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Yerex (crs007@marietta.edu)

The Department of Business & Economics prepares students for professional careers in business, the business of sport, government, not-for-profit management, as well as entry into graduate school. Eight major programs are offered by the department, including Land & Energy Management, which is accredited by the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). Eight minors are also available.

Several courses in the department use Excel spreadsheets. Students lacking a basic knowledge of spreadsheet software are encouraged to enroll in Computer Science 110, Computing in Business, during their freshman year.

Students who are planning to do graduate work in economics or other business fields should be aware that many graduate schools recommend that their entering students have a strong background in economics and mathematics. Students should check into the specific requirements of graduate programs in which they are interested since entrance requirements vary widely from program to program.

Marietta College has an articulation agreement with Marshall University’s Master of Business Administration program. Students who complete 27 hours of Business Foundation Courses while enrolled at Marietta College and earn a B or better for each course, and who meet Marshall’s other admissions requirements, may shorten the time to complete the Marshall University MBA degree. For more details on the program, see the B&E Department Chair.